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Beyond The White Picket Fence

Beyond The White Picket Fence

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Has Your Life Just Been Turned Upside Down?

You shouldn’t have to go through a devastating crisis alone. You need a friend to come alongside you to help you heal and find hope again. Sheri Rose Shepherd, author of the bestselling His Princess series (more than a million copies sold), knows exactly what it’s like to have your life torn apart and your dreams shattered.

Beyond the White Picket Fence is a lesson-filled love letter to anyone trapped in a pit of pain. Whether you are going through divorce, betrayal, abandonment, or disease, there is a way to come through it to find an even better, stronger you.

God will not waste pain, and His promises will prove true when you’re on the other side of this season. This book will help you gain an eternal perspective and provide you with everyday survival skills to work with until you are thriving again
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