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What’s in Your Heart Comes Out Your Mouth

What’s in Your Heart Comes Out Your Mouth

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What's in Your Heart Comes Out Your Mouth Looking for help in a troubling world? Are you seeking answers to some of life's really tough questions? Maybe circumstances have brought changes you never expected. Bobby, in his own unique way, brings us hope and guidance to cope with the challenges and problems of life. Read what readers have to say: "This book is an emotional roller coaster. As you read you will laugh and cry at the same time. You will find encouragement, and you will find hope. "In this thought-provoking book by Bobby Smith, we discover the power that words have on the outcome of one's life." "Some authors are speculators; some are wishful thinkers; some are theoretical. Bobby Smith's writing is not speculation, nor is it wishful thinking. Bobby writes from real life experience and insight that can only be gained by having been there."

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