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Immerse: Messiah, softcover

Immerse: Messiah, softcover

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Immerse yourself into the Bible as originally written and distributed.

The stories we tell each other, whether they be the seemingly mundane details of our lives or grand epics with fantastical superhuman characters, all share the common goal of captivating the human heart and enthralling our imagination.

The Immerse series of Bibles takes humanity's bestselling and most influential story -God's Word- and delivers it to you as it was read by its very first audience - without chapter and verse. Presented in the New Living Translation, God's story comes alive with the translations well received vibrant vocabulary and modern grammar, while paying close attention to the original biblical languages. The text is presented to contemporary believers in a contemporary format; uninterrupted by references of chapter and verse, the story of God's special revelation is displayed in a familiar format to modern readers but at the same time is presented similarly to those that read the very first written portions of what we know of as the Scriptures.

Designed to prompt discussion and be read along together with other believers, Immerse: Messiah will take you through the entirety of the New Testament - from Matthew to Revelation. References to the chapter and verse have been removed from the text but remain as a single notation at the top corner of each page so that traditional Bible navigation is retained for familiarity.

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