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A Touch of His Wisdom: Meditations on the Book of Proverbs

A Touch of His Wisdom: Meditations on the Book of Proverbs

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'Wisdom is knowing and doing what is right. True wisdom begins with a knowledge of and reverence for God as revealed through his Son Jesus Christ. This is the foundation on which to build a life that can courageously withstand the inevitable storms of criticism, pain, loss, and temptations.' A Touch of His Wisdom is a collection of thirty-one transforming principles -- one from each chapter of Proverbs. Each devotion brings the infinite mind of God to bear on the practical affairs of daily living. You will find God's perspective on money, work, marriage, and leadership. Applying his wisdom to each of these areas can change failure into success, chaos into order, stress into peace, and fear into trust. A Touch of His Wisdom will direct your heart into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ, for 'the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding' (Proverbs 9:10). So embark on the adventure of knowing God and his ways by examining the scriptural treasures of Proverbs. You will be rewarded with discoveries that can change your circumstances into opportunities to gain and apply the wisdom of God. The dividends are priceless.

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