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Bible Promises for the Enneagram - Gift Book

Bible Promises for the Enneagram - Gift Book

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Bible Promises for the Enneagram' is a simple and powerful resource that points each Enneagram type to Biblical truths for practical application.

This resource book points each number to specific Biblical truths you and your loved ones need to hear, memorize, and stand on the most. The nine sections include a brief overview including a list of strengths, key challenges, needs, and similar Bible characters, followed by lists of Scriptures categorized by need-based topics. This quick guide not only helps you learn more about yourself, but also about the people around you. Want to know which verses your type 4 spouse needs to hear when they are not feeling noticed? This reference book will help you know exactly what to say to encourage and support all the numbers in your life.

For each of the 9 types you will find:

  • Brief Overview
  • Strengths
  • Key Challenges
  • What Each Type Needs
  • Character in the Bible
  • Key Scripture
  • A Prayer
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