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Extend the Blessing A Companion Journal to Burdens to Blessings

Extend the Blessing A Companion Journal to Burdens to Blessings

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Time after time, women who’ve read Burdens to Blessings: Discover the Power of Your Story or completed the study, either individually or in small groups, have uttered the same refrain: “I don’t want to forget the discoveries I’ve made. But I’m not sure how to keep processing these truths in the months ahead.”

This guided journal will help you do just that. It walks you through one principle at a time from the book. If you feel like you rushed through the book, then this is your invitation to slow down and sit with what you’ve read. Let it put down roots in your heart and mind, and let it bear fruit. You can spend 30 minutes or several days on one bite, or you can take a year to go through the journal. Create a pace that’s realistic for you.

If you studied Burdens to Blessings with a group, you may want to walk through this journal with the same group, talking about the insights you gain from processing. Take your time. Take small bites. Extend the blessing God has already begun in your life. And then watch God extend the blessing through you to others!

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