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A magical way to entice your child to give up their beloved pacifier. Allow them to help all of the baby unicorns in the Land of Unicorns and Rainbows by giving their pacifiers to Glittermoon, a special unicorn with a very important job. She gives your child’s pacifiers to the crying baby unicorns who don’t have any. In exchange for your child’s generosity, “Glittermoon” will leave your child a special gift the next morning. Change the emotionally difficult time of giving up the pacifier into a time of awe, magic, and belief. Included in the book is a certificate to commemorate this very important moment in your child's life and an "I did it!" sticker for your child to proudly wear around. In addition, there is a coloring page in the back of the book for your child to enjoy! 

Genre: Children's book

Age range: 2 - 4+ years of age.

Format: 7 in x 9 in, landscape, paperback

ISBN: 978-1-7364315-0-4

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