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Hope Is The First Dose

Hope Is The First Dose

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A practicing neurosurgeon and award-winning author shares his roadmap to finding hope and even happiness when the worst happens—by placing trust in God—in this powerful memoir of personal tragedy, grief, and recovery.

At one time or another, we all encounter trauma that causes tremendous pain and a sense of being lost or out of control. This kind of distress triggers emotional and even physical problems that reach into every area of our lives.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Lee Warren, winner of the ECPA Christian Book Award® for I've Seen the End of You, knows this firsthand. Losing his nineteen-year-old son in an unspeakable tragedy spiraled him into a pit of despair. Dr. Warren’s unique perspective as a medical doctor treating fatal and near-fatal illness runs alongside his unsparing, highly personal description of his own tragic loss. But he'll show you how God pulled him and his wife, Lisa, out of the horrible pit and set their feet on solid rock again—and how God can do the same for you in the wake of your own desperate grief and hopeless resignation.

Hope Is the First Dose offers tangible hope and tender empathy, no matter what you're facing. Whatever happened, it doesn't have to be the end. Let Dr. Warren help you find your way back to hopefulness, faith, peace, and a happiness that will be different than the one you knew before. But you won't travel alone. The first dose is hope—and it comes in the form of grace, from the skilled hands of the Great Physician.
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