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Joel’s Hope A Devotional Memoir

Joel’s Hope A Devotional Memoir

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This book is a collection of true life stories; some tragic, others much more light hearted, but all will pull at your heart strings. From early childhood through adulthood, the author’s life had been one of struggle with a determination to succeed against all odds. Each story will draw the reader into it as if you were present when it was happening. The devotionals following each story will help the reader understand how to have personal victories over hardships. You will find in each one a ‘life application’ for your life today.


About the Author


Having grown up in a group Children’s Home, Richard is able to bring to life some unique struggles from early childhood through adulthood and his victory over them. With a degree in Behavioral Science, Master’s work in Counseling in Human Services, and a career in the military, he demonstrates a personal resiliency that is inspiring.

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