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Life Lessons from 1 and 2 Peter

Life Lessons from 1 and 2 Peter

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Max Lucado's Life Lessons from 1 & 2 Peter is a 12-session study on the two books of Peter written to a mixed group of Gentile and Jewish believers from a variety of different social backgrounds. At its core, it's a survival manual on how to act and respond when you are being mistreated or when life is not being fair to you.

Key Themes of 1 Peter:

  • Our richest inheritance is not in this world - it waits in heaven.
  • It is up to each Christian to remain pure.
  • It is an honor to suffer for Christ.
  • Satan fights against the growth and victory of believers.

Key Themes of 2 Peter:

  • The Scriptures were divinely inspired.
  • There will be a great accountability in the final days when Jesus returns and God judges.
  • It is utterly important to teach God's truth, purely and without addition.

Each lesson has the following sections: Key Scripture Verse, Reflection, Situation, Observation, Exploration, Inspiration, Reaction, Life Lessons, Devotion, and Journaling. Ideal for a small-group setting or for individual study.

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