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Mission Accomplished: The Story of Bishop A.O. Holmes

Mission Accomplished: The Story of Bishop A.O. Holmes

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Sorrow, pain, and happiness! You will laugh and cry as you read the early Pentecostal history of which my Daddy was a part.
For many years we knew that an untold story should be preserved for our generation and those to come. However, it seemed that no one with a knowledge of this story had the courage to undertake the task of recording it. Indeed what a challenge, to write the story of such a unique individual as my Dad!
Recently our elder sister, Juanita Holmes Beall, a good and Godly example to all of us children, accepted this challenge. There could have been no one any more qualified to record this since she has experienced most of the story herself.
Juanita introduces us to the happy days of her childhood with her Mother. You will cry as she tells of the loss of her younger and the tragic loss of her mother. Your heart will swell with sympathy as she tells how they pieced their lives back together and went on praising God!
Juanita has always been a very special person, with an extraordinary touch of God upon her life. For the last number of years, I, the younger brother, have had the privilege of pastoring Sis. Juanita and her husband, Bro. Terril. They have stood firmly with me in preserving the Pentecostal heritage given to us, and have passed this heritage down to four wonderful and talented children: Lyndal, Sherry, Carol, and David. What greater thing can be said?
               -Pastor Joel N. Holmes
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