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Suffering (Selections from Spurgeon's Library)

Suffering (Selections from Spurgeon's Library)

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The Selections from Spurgeon’s Library series celebrates the foundation of faith upon which C. H. Spurgeon stood. As a voracious reader, Spurgeon gleaned wisdom from his predecessors and contemporaries that deeply impacted his preaching, writing, and ministry. B&H Academic, in partnership with the Spurgeon Center at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has culled through more than 6,000 volumes in Spurgeon’s personal library to present a curated collection of essays and sermons on suffering that shaped Spurgeon himself. Addressing such topics as how to handle affliction, maintaining faith amidst persecution, and trusting in God in times of trouble, this volume is sure to help readers grow in their faith and rely on God to give them songs in the night.


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