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The Odd Christmas Letter

The Odd Christmas Letter

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The Odd Christmas Letter is a heartwarming tale that offers inspiration throughout the year.

Jim Carpenter, a former star reporter, had been demoted to janitor at his beloved newspaper. He continued to work there for several years hoping to one day write again. Many thought he had lost his gift of the written word, but in December of 1903 he was given one more chance. What he made of that opportunity all depends on how his article is read.

About the Author: Twenty years after this story was first referenced in a Christmas family newsletter, Phil finally finished his book.  In his words, “That’s record time when you compare it to my kitchen remodel.”  Phil is married (happily) to his very patient wife, Cassie.  They reside in Omaha, Nebraska and are blessed with two adult children who are both serving in NET Ministries for the 2020-2021 school year.    

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