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The Validity of the Christian Mission Hardcover

The Validity of the Christian Mission Hardcover

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A recent tour brought Elton Trueblood into dose contact with missionaries around the world. His observations have led him to challenge directly the idea that the mission effort is obsolete. This book deals broadly with Christianity as a missionary faith. The author examines current popular ideas that derogate Christian outreach, among them cultural relativism and the concept that all religions are equally valuable. Dr. Trueblood is convinced that the popular view is both confused and false and shows where and why this mistake arises. Dr. Trueblood sees that the missionary movement- is not an activity of passing value nor is it merely a tagged-on function which may or may not be practiced. The missionary movement is intrinsic to the entire conception and a non-missionary Christian is a contradiction in terms. Dr. Trueblood concludes that we have been afflicted with a kind of tolerance that is intellectually indefensible. If we are to recover the vitality of the missionary effort, we must have a theology which leads us to share whatever we really prize.
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