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Wonderful Names of Jesus

Wonderful Names of Jesus

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Have you introduced the kids in your life to. . .

The word (john 1:1). The lamb of god (john 1:29).

The bread of life (john 6:35).

I am (john 8:58).

The way (john 14:6).

The truth (john 14:6).

Life (john 14:6).

The wonderful names of Jesus will introduce the kids in your life to 52 names of Jesus. Each memorable reading will help children, ages 8 and up, to understand not only who Jesus is, but also the depth of his unending, amazing love. Featuring names found in both the old and new testaments including, a star, my shepherd, the prince of peace, Emmanuel, a friend of sinners, my helper, and dozens more, kids will learn about the delightful character of the savior and be encouraged to grow more like him every day.


Questions for further thought wrap up each reading to help them think deeper on Jesus, the strong and mighty lord.

Size: 4.25 x 6.

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